Mecha, Racing, Sport, Social, Science Fiction


Written by

Tetsurō Kasahara

Published by





Gekkan IKKI

Original run

March 2003 – January 2009



TV Anime

Directed by

Atsushi Takahashi

Written by

Hideo Takayashiki, Ken Iizuka



Licensed by

Madman Entertainment, Funimation Entertainment


Chiba TV, TV Saitama, various others

Original run

January 2009 – March 2009



Rideback (ライドバックRaidobakku), typeset in Japan as RIDEBACK and RideBack, is a Japanese manga series created by Tetsurō Kasahara. It was serialized in Shogakukan's monthly Ikki magazine from March 2003 to January 2009, spanning a total of ten volumes. Set in Japan in 2020, it follows the story of female student Rin Ogata as she comes across a two-wheeled automobile robot known as a Rideback. In 2009, it was adapted into an anime TV series by Madhouse. At Anime Central 2010, anime distributor Funimation announced that they have licensed the series for North America with its release planned for 2011.


In the future, an organization called the GGP has taken control of the world. Rin Ogata was a promising up-and-coming ballet dancer, but suffered a serious injury while dancing and decided to quit. Years later in college, she comes across a club building and soon finds herself intrigued by a transforming motorcycle-like robotic vehicle called a "Rideback". She soon finds that her unique ballet skills with balance and finesse make her a born natural on a Rideback.


Musashino University Rideback ClubEdit

Rin Ogata (尾形琳Ogata Rin)
The protagonist of the series. Born in Japan on September 11, 2001. Her parents were Yuki and Munetatsu, and due to her mother being a talented dancer, was therefore expected to be their natural successor, having participated in dancing competitions from a young age. However, in 2017, she fractured her left foot while dancing and subsequently decided to stop dancing, later enrolling in the theater department of Musashino University, where she first comes across Rideback.
Haruki Hishida (菱田春樹Hishida Haruki)
Second year student in the English department and Rin's senior. An enthusiast of Ridebacks.
Tamayo Kataoka (片岡珠代Kataoka Tamayo)
Third year student in the French literature department and a senior to both to Rin and Haruki. The Rideback champion of Japan.
Shōko Uemura (上村しょう子Uemura Shōko)
Childhood friend of Rin's.
Tenshirō Okakura (岡倉天司郎Okakura Tenshirō)
Head of the Rideback team. Possessing a strict character and a large nose.


This organization is called the GGF in the manga, and GGP in the anime.

  • GGF is an acronym for Global Government Force. (世界統治軍 Seikai Toushigun, lit. World Government Army)
  • GGP is an acronym for Global Government Plan. (世界統治構想 Seikai Toushi Kousou, lit. World Government Plan)
Romanov Kallenbach (ロマノフ・カレンバークRomanofu Karenbāku)
The corrupt commander of the GGP and the main antagonist of the series. He runs the government with a dictatorship approach.
Misawo Yokoyama (横山みさをYokoyama Misawo)
Lecturer at Musashino University's department of literature and adviser to the Rideback team. In reality, however, she is a member of the GGF.
Takeshi Tanomura (田能村竹志Tanomura Takeshi)
A member of the GGF and a faithful servant of Yokoyama's.
Munetatsu Itō(イトウムネタツItō Munetatsu)
Father of Kenji and Rin.
Keiko Kobayashi (小林径子Kobayashi Keiko)
A well-endowed student at Musashino University's department of literature.


BMA is an acronym for Borderless Military Alliance (国境なき軍事同盟).

Kiefer (キーファKiifa?)
A soldier of BMA.
Kenji Ogata (尾形堅司Ogata Kenji?)
Rin's younger brother.

Lawless Group AbitetsuEdit


TV AnimeEdit

The anime adaptation of the series premiered in January 2009 on Chiba TV and is scheduled to contain 12 episodes. A 160-second promotional video to the series was previewed at the 2008 Tokyo Anime Fair.





  • Director: Atsushi Takahashi
  • Series composition and screenplay: Hideo Takayashiki, Ken Iizuka
  • Character design and chief animation director: Satoshi Tazaki
  • Art director: Kazuki Higashiji
  • Color coordination: Satoshi Hashimoto
  • VFX supervisor: Michiya Katō
  • CGI director: Tomohisa Shitara
  • Director of photography: Hiroshi Saitō
  • Editing: Takeshi Seyama
  • Music: Takafumi Wada
  • Sound director: Toshihiko Nakajima
  • Production producer: Satoki Toyoda
  • Animation production: Madhouse
  • Producers: Fuminori Hara, Kazuo Ohnuki, Yasuyuki Ueda
  • Executive producers: Jungo Maruta, Shigeki Takeuchi, Akihiro Kawamura
  • Production: Rideback Production Committee (Madhouse, Interchannel, Geneon Entertainment)

Theme Songs Edit

Opening theme
Lyrics: MELL, composition and arrangement: Kazuya Takase, performance: MELL

Episodes Edit


Ending theme
Lyrics: Younha and Amadori, composition and arrangement: Tablo, performance: Younha feat. GOKU
Episode no. Title Script Storyboards Episode director Animation director
1 Shinkō no Tetsuma (深紅の鉄馬)
lit. Crimson Iron Horse
Hideo Takayashiki Atsushi Takahashi Atsushi Takahashi
Kanji Wakabayashi
Satoshi Tazaki
2 Tamayo Jōtō!? S.L.F.
Challenge from Tamayo!? ~ Spread Legs Form
(珠代上等!? S.L.F


Tomomi Yoshino
Yoshifumi Sueda
Hiroaki Imaki
3 Soshite Hata (Furaggu) wa Furareru
そして旗(フラッグ) はふられる
And There's the Flag
Takeshi Mori Minoru Yamaoka Hideo Maru
4 Shōko, Kiki Ippatsu
A Close Call for Shoko
Kōjirō Tsuruoka Yoshifumi Sueda Kyōko Kotani
5 The Mysterious RideBack Girl
6 The Lightning-Fast RideBack
7 Crime and Punishment
8 Get Ride! the Chosen One
9 In the Sunny Garden
10 Master of the War
11 Cloudy Followed by Occasional Rain...
12 To the Stage of Light

Broadcast Networks Edit

Broadcast scope Broadcast network Broadcast term Broadcast day and timings (in JST) Broadcast format
Chiba Prefecture Chiba TV January 11, 2009- Sundays 24:00-24:30 UHF
Saitama Prefecture TV Saitama Sundays 25:30-26:00
Kanagawa Prefecture tvk January 12, 2009- Mondays 25:15-25:45
Kyoto Prefecture KBS Kyoto Mondays 25:30-26:00
Hyōgo Prefecture Sun TV January 13, 2009- Tuesdays 24:00-24:30
Tokyo Metropolis Tokyo MX January 14, 2009- Wednesdays 25:30-26:00
Japan Nationwide AT-X January 27, 2009- Fridays 09:30/20:30
(Repeat broadcasts)
CS channel