The Global Government Force/Global Government Plan, GGF/GGP for short, is a global organization and dictatorship that had overthrew the world superpowers and established a new order through revolution. They created the Ridebacks in order to gain total victory over the nations of Earth and achieved absolute power. They serve as the main antagonists of the Rideback universe.

Known GGF/GGP PersonelEdit


  • The symbol used by the GGF is similar to the one used by the Helghast from the Killzone universe. However, the only difference is that the GGF's symbol is upside down and has no arrowheads.
  • The revolution declared by the GGF may bear a resemblance to the Russian Revolution, when the bolsheviks had overthrew the Czarist regime, just as the GGF had overthrew the world superpowers.